A J Mantel

 Welcome to our website which is dedicated to art that was created by A J Mantel.

 Lovingly remembering two dear people, Arie & Grietje Mantel (nee Swaan) on their wedding day on 23 June 1938 

The site also has paintings and artwork that was created by his grandchildren and

other family members who were inspired by A J Mantel. The paintings have been sold
throughout the world and we as a family would love to see all the paintings that
were painted by our beloved grandfather. If you have any paintings that you know
were painted by A J Mantel please feel free to scan them in or take high res
photographs of the painting and feel free to add it to this online "Art exhibition
in memory of A J Mantel".


johnkweber (son of Mary Weber - Maartje Mantel)


A bit of history about A J Mantel

Arie Johannes (lovingly called AJ by his wife) Mantel was born in
Suid-Scharwoude, Netherlands, on the 27th August 1911 to Pieter
Cornelis Mantel and Maartje van Rijswijk. He studied for a degree
in instrument making and also during his late teens became interested
in fine art and regularly attended lessons in that field. He also
learned to play the violin and belonged to a small orchestra at one stage.

He married Grietje Swaan (born in Bergen on 11 March, 1912) on 23 June 1938
at Schoorl, Netherlands. There were three children born out of their
marriage, a daughter, Mary and sons, (the late) Peter and John. None of
these children had the talent, nor much inclination to follow in his
footsteps as far as the art was concerned. However, some of his
grandchildren have shown an interest in art and some had a few
lessons from AJ as well.

The family emigrated to South Africa in February 1949 where he kept up the
love of painting. He would go out into the nature and take photos and have
slides made from which he would then make paintings. He loved beautiful
cloud formations and would always remark on them whenever he came outside.

He made one or two most beautiful paintings from newspaper cuttings, giving
it colour and life. He preferred painting with water colours but did many
oils as well. He prepared his drawings very well and was seldom hasty in
whatever he put his hand to. He held an art exhibition once in
Queenstown, Cape, and became known mostly by word of mouth and the proof of
his beautiful artwork. Many of his paintings were sold, but many are at
present gracing the walls of his daughter and his 10 grandchildren.

He was also requested to do 6 paintings for an Asian (perhaps Malaysian or Javanese?)
Restaurant in Johannesburg somewhere. Those 6 paintings were really exquisite
examples of his fine work.

For many years he lived in East London where he became a Senior Technician in the
Post Office. However, to get onto the permanent staff there he had to become a
South African citizen, which he did on 8 November 1957. AJ was quite well-known
in East London where he belonged to a chess club and during his pension years
he taught many students to play chess and also gave art lessons to a few pupils.
He also played the mandolin during these latter years. He loved good classical music.

The last seven years of his life were spent in Cape Town where his son and daughter
then lived. He still painted until about a year before his death on 19 February 2001.